We provide opportunities to provide for you the opportunity to pursue or resume your interests, increase job skills, keep pace with rapidly changing technology in the workplace, and enrich your life with creative interests.

The goals of our workforce and continuing education department are increasingly focused on meeting the career needs of individuals by giving them the means to cope with the technological revolution of the workplace and by giving them both the opportunity to earn a new career in a volatile job market or to increase skills in order to secure job advancement. We focus on the growth and development of local businesses and industries through economic development activities.

We reach out to the community by offering services to improve the social, physical, and economic well-being of individuals in the community. We also provide job-specific, customized training for use by businesses and industries with programs that meet the needs of the businesses in Panola College’s service area.

Getting Started with Workforce and Continuing Education

About Us

All course offerings are subject to a minimum enrollment and classes may be added upon request. Please feel free to call us or check back on this site for changes and updates.

We offer several types of courses in the Continuing Education Department. Students do not have to go through the admission process to register for our classes and can gain Continuing Education Unit Credits or take classes for Personal Enrichment. Our courses are available to enhance lifelong learning and make new learning opportunities available.

Scholarships for Certificate Programs

Scholarships are now being offered for several of our CE programs. Students will need to have applications submitted two weeks prior to the first class day. The amount of the scholarship will aid the student up to 25% of the total cost of the programs they choose.

The programs that qualify for the scholarships are:

  • Certified Nurse Aide
  • Dental Assisting
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Phlebotomy
  • Truck Driving (CDL Certification)


Tuition may be paid by cash, check (a returned check fee of $30.00 will apply), money order, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Checks should be made payable to Panola College. 

Co-Enrollment Courses

A Co-Enrollment Course is a Continuing Education course which meets at the same time and place as an existing college credit course. Enrollment is based upon space availability and where applicable, completion of appropriate assessment and counseling. Co-Enrollment students earn CEU's when applicable, not college credit. The advantage of a CEU course is that you don't have to go through the admission process to take a co-enrollment class. If you want college credit, you must seek admission to Panola College as a credit student. Students taking Co-Enrollment courses do not apply for formal admission to Panola College, nor are they required to take the Texas Success Initiative Assessment.  Attendance at all class sessions and participation in classroom lecture/discussion and evaluation is expected. To register for a Co-Enrollment Continuing Education course: determine the course and section that you would like to attend, register for the course at the Workforce Office in Carthage or at the site where the course is offered, tuition is charged at the in-district rate and lab fees are added, proceed to the scheduled class meeting, and enjoy.

Class Cancellation

Panola College reserves the right to cancel any course if enrollment is insufficient. However, the college will make every attempt to prevent undue hardship on students. The decision to conduct or cancel a class is made immediately prior to the first day of class. This provides every opportunity for sufficient enrollment. 

Refund Policy

If Panola College Workforce and Continuing Education cancels a course, a full tuition refund will be made. A 100% refund will be issued if you drop a course through the approved means of notification during our normal business hours two business days prior to the first scheduled class day.

All refunds will be calculated based on the date of the request and in accordance with the Panola College Workforce and Continuing Education refund policy.

There may be some courses for which refunds cannot be made. A refund will take at least two weeks to process and will be mailed to the student's listed permanent address.

Class Withdrawal

Any student who is enrolled in a CEU/Funded Course on the census date (third class date) should be included on the Certified Roll regardless of attendance. Any student who has paid for the course and has not completed a Withdrawal/Refund Request is considered enrolled.

Any student who wishes to withdraw from a CE course and receive a refund must complete a Withdrawal/Refund Request. To withdraw formally from a Continuing Education class, a student must notify the office in writing by e-mail (ce@panola.edu), by phone (903-693-2067), or in person at the Panola College Workforce and Continuing Education office. 

For Academic courses please contact admissions at 903-693-2038 or admissions@panola.edu. 

Online Classwork

Students are expected to spend three to four hours a week reading, reviewing, and completing assignments to be successful in these courses. 

Workforce and Continuing Education Offices
Location Address Phone Number Fax Number Text Message
Carthage 820 W. Panola Carthage, TX 75633 903-693-2067 903-693-1196 903-500-7083
Shelby College Center (SCC) 3600 TX-500 Loop, Center, TX 75935 936-598-6134 936-598-8079 903-500-7083
Shelby Regional Training Center (SRTC) 678 Roughrider Dr. Center, TX 75935 936-591-9075 936-591-9056 903-500-7083
Marshall College Center (MCC) 1300 Pinecrest Dr. E. Marshall, TX 75672 903-935-5039 903-938-3845 903-500-7083