TSI for Registration

Beginning on the first class day of Fall 2013, a new Statewide diagnostic and placement system of Institutions of Higher Education in Texas will be in place. The new testing system will be referred to as the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) Assessment. As a new comprehensive assessment system, the TSI Assessment will be designed to help institutions determine whether, and at what level, incoming students are prepared to enroll and succeed in entry-level college courses, as well as offer developmental intervention options. More information will be released at a later date.

Each undergraduate student who enters Panola College, a Texas public institution of higher education, must be assessed for reading, writing and mathematics skills prior to enrolling in any college-level course work. Should a deficiency be revealed in any of the three skill areas, the student MUST be enrolled and participate continuously (every semester) in developmental education in at least one subject area, as determined by the institution. The student who is absent beyond the established minimum number of class days or does not participate in the course work will receive a grade of “F” for the course. Any student failing to take a section of the test or canceling the score on a section will be held liable for developmental education in the section(s) not taken and not previously passed. 

Test information may be obtained at your high school or from Panola College by calling (903) 693-2036