College receives 2023 Texas Pathways Award for excellence

Panola College Pathways Committee

The Texas Success Center has selected Panola College as the recipient of the 2023 “Rising Star” Rose Award in Recognition of Scaling Excellence. The prestigious award recognizes the College for its efforts in transforming its culture to become a more student-centered institution.

“Being presented with this award is a great honor and a true testament to the progress that is being made at Panola College,” said Dr. Bubba Adams, Vice President of Instruction. “Thank you to the dedicated faculty, staff, and students who made this possible.”

The Texas Success Center commended the College for demonstrating the most growth in scaling the essential practices of the strategy across four foundational pillars that lead to transformational change.

In particular, the College made substantial gains in designing program pathways and aligning the math course within each program pathway. Additionally, the College ensures that all students have access to career exploration and that faculty have made strides in embedding opportunities for experiential learning into the classroom.

The College also made considerable improvements in advising practices, ensuring advisors have the information they need to monitor all students for success, and that students have access to and understand their progress through the program pathway to enable them to achieve credential completion.

These comprehensive reforms have significantly transformed the student experience, with 20 out of 23 essential practices positively impacting a wide range of students.

The College’s Pathways Committee accepted the award at the Texas Pathways Institute, recently held in Houston, Texas, with 500 attendees representing 48 colleges statewide. The Committee includes Dr. Greg Powell, Dr. Bubba Adams, Natalie Oswalt, Whitney McBee, Dr. Rebecca Morris, Angie Musgrove, Tryphena Walker, and Rachel Weekly.


Pictured from rom left to right: Dr. Linda Welsh, Dr. Greg Powell, Dr. Rebecca Morris, Tryphena Walker, Natalie Oswalt, Rachel Weekly, Whitney McBee, Angie Musgrove, and Dr. Bubba Adams.