Panola College presents 19 service awards

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Panola College honored 19 faculty and staff members, who represented a collective 215 years of service to the College, with awards at an annual holiday luncheon on December 12.

“It is with great pride that we recognize the anniversaries of our faculty and staff,” said Dr. Gregory Powell, Panola College President. “At this important milestone, we express our sincere appreciation for their dedication. We strongly believe that each individual employee has the opportunity to add great value to Panola College.”

Board Secretary Richard Thomas was recognized for 30 years of service with the College; Christina Oldham was recognized for 20 years; Trellis McCann, Denise Welch, Kasi Broussard, Jason Cook, Mark Dickerson, and Laura Vance for 15 years; Kimberly Bishop, Bobbie Smith, Kelley Hammond, and Misty Coleman for 10 years; and Alan Howard, Angie Musgrove, Yvette Royal, Dr. Sherlynn Hall, Chasity Klingler, Larry Wade, Jr., and Carol Brightwell for five years.

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Board Secretary Richard Thomas accepts his 30-year service award.
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Christina Oldham accepts her 20-year service award.
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Mark Dickerson, Kasi Broussard, Jason Cook, Trellis McCann, and Laura Vance accept their 15-year service awards. Denise Welch, who has also served 15 years, is not pictured.
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Kimberly Bishop, Misty Coleman, Kelley Hammond, and Bobbie Smith accept their 10-year service awards.
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Carol Brightwell, Dr. Sherlynn Hall, Alan Howard, Chasity Klingler, and Angie Musgrove accept their 5-year service awards. Yvette Royal and Larry Wade, Jr., who have also served 5 years, are not pictured.