Panola College Foundation awards $93,701 in faculty, staff grants

22-23 Faculty, Staff Grants

The Panola College Foundation awarded a record 32 grants to 21 different programs in eight areas at Panola College this year. The grants, which totaled $93,701, will go toward supporting various programs and initiatives at the College.

The grants allow employees at Panola College to pursue high-quality, imaginative, and innovative improvement of student success, professional development opportunities, and minor program enhancements such as equipment and supply purchases.

Vicky Hudson, the 2021-2022 chair of the Panola College Foundation, announced the recipients of the grants at a faculty and staff meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 10 at the College.

“The Panola College Foundation is proud to support the faculty and staff at Panola College,” said Hudson. “Panola College employees’ dedication and commitment to their students are apparent through the numerous applications we receive each year.”

The 2022-2023 grants include funding for the following:

Becky Walker: Breast and Testicular Self-Exam Models

Cancee Lester and Doug Snodgrass: SMART Board Interactive Display and Accessories

Carol Brightwell and Tana Searcy: CPR Equipment

Chasity Klingler: Three iPad Pros with Keyboards and Pencils

Corey Johnson: 3D Printer to Print Anatomy Models for Commuting Students

Dale Saenz: Adult Legos

Daron McDaniel: Texas Speech Communication Association Annual Convention

Doug Snodgrass: Two Vascular Arm Models

Dwaine Hubbard: Five Stands with Logos for the Band

Dwayne Ferguson: Microsoft Office Systems Exam Vouchers for 20 Students

Haylie Handley and Amanda Clements: Fall and Spring Museum Field Trip for Students

Jacky Andreatta: Sports Medicine Portable Table with Logo

Julie Green: ‘Breathe for Change’ Training, Course Manuals, and Yoga Mats

Karen King: 100 Storage Bins for Props and Costumes

Karen King: Four Altman PHS LED Lighting Instruments

Katy Chance: Easter Egg Hunt Prizes

Katy Chance: Giant Outdoor Games

Katy Chance and Amanda Clements: Printing and Framing for Student Exhibits

Katy Chance and Texas Reardon: E-sports Gaming Room Equipment

Kevin Rutherford: Vascular Arm for Marshall A&P Lab

Laura Wood: College Store Vending Machine for Marshall Campus

Lisa Miller: Two IV Arm Manikins for Center Campus

Mary Chance, Don Clinton, Bruce Koch, and Whitney McBee: Self-defense Training for Students and Employees, Equipment for Training

Michael Pace: Electrical Tools, 3-plane Laser, and Hand Tools

Rebecca Courtney: Displays, Shopping Baskets, Product Photography Bundles

Rebekah Burkhalter and Laura Wood: 240 GED Ready Vouchers

Sandra Bauer and Dwaine Hubbard: Symphony Concert Field Trip

Shay Joines: 8 Archival and Display Cases, Preservation Sheets, and Binder Cases

Texas Reardon and Katy Chance: Gaming Bus for National Gaming Day

Veronica Wilkerson: Lumen Tracking Camera for Recording Instruction

Wendy Fehner: Hydraulic Patient Lift and Universal Sling

Whitney McBee: Mental Health Instructor Training