Academic Excellence Award recipients announced

Academic Excellence Awards

Panola College is proud to announce the Academic Excellence Award recipients for the 2023-2024 academic year.

The Academic Excellence Awards were created by Charles Moore, a math professor at Panola College for many years. Moore’s goal was to acknowledge students who excelled academically and recognize them with an award for their accomplishments.

Each department or field of study nominates students who meet select criteria. The student must have or be completing 30 hours of coursework and be enrolled in two courses relating to the field in which they are nominated.

The recipients of the 2023-2024 Academic Excellence Awards are listed below, followed by the field of study in which they are nominated and their professor.

Abigail Cawthon, Vocal, Sandra Bauer

Abigail Smith, Associate Degree Nursing, Dr. Kristi Burns

Amber Loven, History, Bill Offer

Ariana Grimes, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Julie Green

Ashlyn Groce, Criminal Justice, Mark Dickerson

Britney Vargas, Medical Assistant, Jeffry Oney

Camryn Lovell, Criminal Justice, Mark Dickerson

Cassie Belrose, Education, Education Department

Ella Wolfe, Mathematics, Emily Zabcik

Gabrielle Perez, Biology, Corey Johnson

Gerardo Salgado, Medical Laboratory Technology, Kim Bishop

Haley Luna, Associate Degree Nursing, Lisa Miller

Jackson Shearin, Government, Brian Naples

Kaci Huff, General Business, Dwayne Ferguson

Kadynce Matthew, Theatre, Kim Funderburk

Kathryn Davis, Office Professional, Dwayne Ferguson

Kendall Fant, History, Bill Offer

Landon Story, Business Administration and Management, Dwayne Ferguson

Lauren Neal, Education, Education Department

Micah Gilbreath, Medical Laboratory Technology, Antiquene Nichols

Rachael Monroe, Government, Brian Naples

Reagan Harrison, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Julie Green

Shelda Sparks, Health Information Technology, Rachel Weekly

Sixt Titus Von Kapff, English, Tammy Mothershed

Timileyin Sofola, Biology, Darrell Hudson

Wendy Garza, Medical Assistant, Jeffry Oney