Well Control Certification

Good communication is the key to successful blowout prevention!

Simulator Training

Panola College is teaming up with San Juan College School of Energy to offer a fully accredited IADC WellCAP provider for Well Control Training for Drilling, Workover/Completion, Supervisor Level Training,

Panola College and San Juan College School of Energy will provide Well Control Training with an emphasis on communication and a core curriculum determined by IADC to assist the employee on the rig and the engineer in the office to communicate on the same level. We believe clear concise communication will assist in the recognition of kick indicators and implementing the proper procedures for shutting in a kick, removing the kick, and reestablishing control of the formation pressure.

This course is recommended for all oilfield and gas production supervisory level personnel, engineers, company men, toolpushers, and drillers. Classroom and simulator training ensures that every student grasps the practical and theoretical aspects of well control. Onsite training provides a balance of classroom-based and hands-on simulator training to familiarize students with realistic well control situations.

Program Details

32 hours with simulation training
4 - Day course
Certification upon completion 

No classes coming at this time.