Developmental Writing Lab

WRIT 0100

  • Semester Credit Hours: 1
  • Contact Hours per Semester: 16

Catalog Description

Practice of fundamental writing skills such as an idea generation, organization, style, utilization of standard English, and revision. Offered primarily for students who must be in continuous remediation. Will not meet graduation requirements.v(1-0-1)

Instructional Goals and Purposes

Panola College's instructional goals include 1) creating an academic atmosphere in which students may develop their intellects and skills and 2) providing courses so students may receive a certificate/an associate degree or transfer to a senior institution that offers baccalaureate degrees.

General Course Objectives

The goal of this course is to increase academic proficiency in written expression
to fit a variety of academic and professional needs.
1. To compose a variety of texts that demonstrate clear focus.*
2. To compose texts that are logically developed.*
3. To develop well organized paragraphs that cohesively sit in a body of text written to an appropriate audience.*
4. To use appropriate language, structure, syntax, and format to
accomplish the author’s purpose.*
5. To use correct editing marks and procedures to increase alignment between concept and application of text.

Performance and Learning Objectives
After studying the material presented in labs, the student should be able to complete all learning and performance objectives with an average of 70% competency in all assignments, tests, and assessments.
1. Determine effective approaches, forms, and theoretical techniques that demonstrate understanding of the writer’s purpose and audience.*
2. Generate ideas and gather information relevant to the topic and purpose, keeping careful records of outside resources.*
3. Evaluate relevance, quality, sufficiency, and depth of preliminary ideas and information, organize material generated, and formulate thesis.*
4. Recognize the importance of revision as the key to effective writing. *
5. Edit writing for proper voice, tense, and syntax, assuring that it conforms to standard English, when appropriate.*
(* Denotes alignment with College Readiness Standards.)

Text, Required Readings, Materials, and Supplies

None required.
Other Materials
1. Access to computer
2. Canvas  (Provided by Panola College)
3. Notebook
4. Basic Calculator
5. Other materials as assigned by the instructor.
Computer System Requirements
Web Browser
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Netscape
Communicator 7.1 or higher.
Operating System
Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium
(ME), Windows 2000 Professional with SP4, Windows XP
Professional, Windows XP Home Edition, Vista, Mac OS 9.2X, Mac
OS10.1.4, Mac OS 10.2
Internet Connection
56k Modem or higher
Web Browser such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Netscape Communicator 7.1 or higher. Access to Microsoft Office XP (word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)