Voice and Diction

SPCH 1342

  • State Approval Code: 2310015812
  • Semester Credit Hours: 3
  • Lecture Hours per Week: 3
  • Contact Hours per Semester: 48

Catalog Description

Physiology and mechanics of effective voice production with practice in articulation, pronunciation, and enunciation. Lecture hours = 3, Lab hours = 0

Course Curriculum

Basic Intellectual Compentencies in the Core Curriculum

  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Perspectives in the Core Curriculum

  • Recognize the importance of maintaining health and wellness.
  • Develop a capacity to use knowledge of how technology and science affect their lives.
  • Develop the ability to make aesthetic judgments.

Core Components and Related Exemplary Educational Objectives

Communication (composition, speech, modern language)

  • To understand the importance of specifying audience and purpose and to select appropriate communications choices.

Instructional Goals and Purposes

Panola College's instructional goals include 1) creating an academic atmosphere in which students may develop their intellects and skills and 2) providing courses so students may receive a certificate/an associate degree or transfer to a senior institution that offers baccalaureate degrees.

General Course Objectives

The class will explore the basic principles of diction including physiological description and practice in the use of the International Phonetic Alphabet with intensive practical experiences in voice development and special activities to meet individual vocal needs and professional objectives.

General Description of Each Lecture or Discussion

Voice Quality Clear Articulation Appropriate Loudness Expressiveness Unobtrusive Pronunciation Dialect

Methods of Instruction/Course Format/Delivery

A combination of lecture, demonstration, and performances evaluated by the instructor and classroom exercises to strengthen and correct the student’s speech.


Written exams and oral performances
50% Tests and comprehensive final 50% vocal exercises and class performance

Text, Required Readings, Materials, and Supplies

Fundamentals of Voice and Articulation 13th ed. by Lyle V. Mayer