HESI A2 is an assessment exam for prospective nursing students. It is utilized as part of the program application ranking process for both Panola College ADN and VN programs.

Prospective nursing students MUST schedule, take, and receive passing scores for the HESI A2 prior to scheduling an application mentoring appointment with the Panola College Nursing Department.

Panola College Nursing Programs require ONLY three specific sections of the HESI A2 including Reading, Grammar, and Math.

If taking the HESI A2 for a different institution's entrance program then the sections that are available to you include Learning Styles, Personality Profile, Vocabulary, Reading, Anatomy & Physiology, Grammar, Math, Chemistry, and Biology. Please verify which sections you will need before your testing date. 

  • You are ONLY allowed to take the HESI A2 twice unless both score reports are older than 5 years.
  • If you are not successful the first time, please take your time studying. This will help ensure that you are ready for your final retest.
  • HESI Score Reports older than 5 years prior to application deadline date are not accepted by Panola Nursing Program.
  • Retesting
    • An examinee may retest if their score reports are over 5 years old. 
    • The ONLY exception to testing more than twice within  a 5 year period is if and only if  the examinee has earned their LVN license and want to apply for the Panola College ADN Program. This means that the examinee needs to provide the required  score report which includes a Cumulative PASSING score on all 3 exams (Math, Reading, and Grammar).


ALL examinees will be required to agree to the Panola College Testing Agreement upon arrival to the testing center.

An accessible online calculator is available during the exam and you will be provided with blank scratch paper and pencil.

NO additional items are allowed.   

Carthage Summer Testing Dates

July 12, 13, 14, 15


Center Summer Testing Dates

July 15


One form of identification is required. It must be a valid, unexpired picture ID.

For more information about other forms of non-photo accepted, contact 903-693-2036.

Testing Fee

The testing fee is $60.(Refundable only if cancellation is made 48 hours prior to your scheduled testing date.)

Payment must be made within 48 hours of your confirmed testing date.

Please pay via phone with our Panola College Business Office @ 903-693-2082.


Additional questions contact Rachel Weekly at 903-693-2036 or email rweekly@panola.edu  

Please click here to register a summer testing date.  



Disability Support Services (DSS)

Individuals inquiring special testing accommodations should contact Stacy Gee, Testing Coordinator/DSS Officer at 903-693-2046.    

Preparing for the HESI A2

You can purchase a HESI study guide in the Panola College Store or at normal book outlets.

Testing help is also available at Mometrix Test Preparation.

If you are a current student with Panola College, please check out the M.P. Baker Library Electronic Resource Learning Express College Center Plus for additional practice in Grammar, Math, and Reading skills. 

Non-students may contact the Panola College M.P. Library for additional information @ 903-693-2025. 

Pocket Prep


How to Request HESI A2 Score Report

 If you have taken the HESI A2 test with Panola College, please complete a HESI Score Report Form.