ACE's Commission on Adult Learning and Educational Credentials sets the minimum requirements for issuing a GED credential.  The 2014 scale runs from 110 to 200 with 150 scaled score points as the Passing Standard for high school equivalency and 170 scaled cores points as the GED® Score with Honors, reflective of readiness for career and college.

Reasoning through Language Arts 150 minutes
Social Studies 70 minutes
Science 90 minutes
Mathematical Reasoning 115 minutes


Questions are provided in multiple-choice format. Each multiple-choice question lists five possible choices; you must select the best answer.

General Information:

  • Candidates may choose to take multiple modules in several appointments.  As a result, the total exam length and fee will vary for each exam appointment.
  • Candidates who choose to take multiple modules in several appointments will not receive a credential until the entire test has been completed.
  • Candidates will have to visit the GED Testing Service website  to receive test results. 
  • Candidates may not complete the exam in one day through the Panola College testing center.