Chartered in 1999, the Student Occupational Therapy Assistant (SOTA) club is open to all students enrolled in the OTA program, all students declaring OTA as their major and all OTA Program alumni.  The purpose of this club is to unite OTA students, future students and alumni and broaden their intellectual and professional skills through community service projects.  SOTA has established a Panola College OTA Facebook Group, where you'll find the latest job postings and information, discussions, announcements, photos, and much more! Head on over to OTA on Facebook, take a look around, meet some new friends, and join the community!


                        SOTA Bylaws                       Donation Request Form


                              2017 Officers

                                                 SOTA Officers


Tori Fanguy

  Tor Fanguy

  • Shall preside at the meetings and oversee elections.
  • Shall be the official liaison between SOTA and the SGA and
  • will participate (or designate another officer) in SGA meetings and risk management programming.
  • Shall come with prepared agenda.
  • Shall co-sign all purchase requests.
  • Is invited to participate in the OTA Advisory Committee meetings at the Program Director's discretion.
  • Shall keep a current, dated notebook to include all correspondence made to the President during the active year.  Shall be responsible for passing the notebook on to the next president.

Vice President

 Waylon Murdock

 Waylon Murcock

  • Shall preside at all meetings in absence of the President.
  • Shall assume all other duties of the President in the absence of the President.
  • Shall collaborate with local news media concerning SOTA activities.
  • Shall serve as public relations chairperson.


Patsy Abate

  Patsy Abate


  • Shall maintain a current list of active membership.
  • Shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings.
  • Shall pass around sign-in sheet at all SOTA meetings.
  • Shall post all meeting notices one week in advance via email.
  • Shall post all important information.
  • Shall keep a current, dated notebook to include minutes of meetings, list of active summary of what SOTA accomplished.   Shall be responsible for passing the notebook on to the next Secretary


Blaire Viehe

 Blair Viehe

  • Shall be responsible for collecting dues and working with Secretary to ensure all memberships are paid each semester.
  • Shall be responsible for keeping accounts of all financial transactions of the organization.
  • Shall maintain current account balances and provide them upon request.
  • Shall be the fundraiser chairperson.
  • Shall be responsible for making all deposits, including money from SOTA room.
  • Shall keep a current, dated notebook to include all deposits and copies of check requests, list of active members and yearly reports such as bank statements and a summary of all community service contributions made from SOTA throughout the year.
  • Shall be responsible for passing the notebook on to the next Treasurer.



Leticia de le Torre

  Leticia de le Torrie

Taylor Sledge

Taylor Sledge

 Mallory Spencer

Mallory Spencer



  • Shall be responsible for gathering and organizing pictures of activities/events.
  • Shall organize memorabilia for a SOTA scrapbook, CD or other memorabilia.
  • Shall organize and compile the information for members.



Cheri Lambert


 Call 903-694-4000 to see how you can join.