The OTA Program Advisory Committee is representative of the OT field in our service area.  The purpose of the committee is to advise the program on matters related to:

  • goals and objectives that impact the program’s curriculum
  • policies regarding classroom and fieldwork
  • specific OTA skills required in the workforce
  • current and future trends in the field of OT
  • instructional supplies, equipment selection and acquisition 
  • the adequacy of existing facilities and equipment
  • recruiting resource persons within the business/industry community who will provide external learning experiences and/or student employment
  • professional development of the faculty

In addition to representing the needs of special populations, the committee members serve a public relations function in promoting and publicizing the program to the community and to business and industry.


Advisory Committee

  • Rhonda Lane, OTR
  • Celina Rice, COTA
  • Justin Smelley, COTA
  • Patty Brown, COTA
  • Karen Rich, OTR
  • Verronica Sears, COTA
  • Rosiland Scobey, OTR