Panola College Statement of Mission

Panola College shapes its mission around the needs of the people within its service area. As a two-year public community institution, Panola College is dedicated to providing excellence in education for its constituents. The range of educational offerings both face-to-face and electronic includes university transfer programs, technical and workforce programs, developmental courses designed to increase academic proficiency, and continuing education to enrich lives and improve skills. Our aim is to help each student achieve his or her full potential and to contribute to the further development of society.

MLT Program Statement of Mission

The MLT Program, like Panola College, shapes its mission around the needs of the people of the service area. Currently our community calls for more medical personnel, particularly in the laboratory field and this program seeks to fulfill that need. This program serves the needs of our students by providing flexibility in online lectures and Saturday labs, allowing students to work and/or tend to their family commitments.