Non-MLT Requirements (Taken in addition to required semester courses)

BIOL     2404              Intro to A&P                             

BIOL     2420              Microbiology           

CHEM  1405 or 1411   General Chemistry              

ENGL   1301               Composition                             

HITT     1353               Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care

HITT     1305               Medical Terminology                  

ELECTIVE                  Humanities Elective

ELECTIVE                  Social/Behavior Science Elective


Semester I (Fall)                                                                     Semester II (Spring)

MLAB       1201        Intro to Clinical Lab Science                        MLAB            1227        Coagulation

PLAB       1223        Phlebotomy or Credit by Credential              MLAB            1235        Immunology/Serology

MLAB       1415        Hematology                                               MLAB            1231        Parasitology/Mycology

                                                                                               MLAB            1211        Urinalysis/Body Fluids


Semester III (Summer)                                                           Semester IV (Fall)

Take at least 6 hours on Non-MLT requirements                           MLAB            2401        Clinical Chemistry   

                                                                                               MLAB            2431        Immunohematology


Semester V (Spring)                                                                Semester VI (Summer)

MLAB            2434        Clinical Microbiology                              MLAB            2266        Practicum I

MLAB            2238        Advanced Topics/Seminar*                      MLAB            1167        Practicum II



                                                                                               Total Semester Hours= 60


*Capstone Learning Experience