Criminal Background Checks

    All students who apply and meet the minimum requirements for admission, will be required to complete a fingerprinting background check conducted for the Texas Board of Nursing.

All students applying to the Associate Degree Nursing Program including LVN Transition students must meet the following requirements:

1.  Apply to Panola College and be fully admitted and TSI complete.  Send official transcripts from all other colleges and universities attended (send to: Records Office, 1109 W. Panola St., Carthage, TX 75633)

2. Complete the prerequisites for the program - the face-to-face track requires four (4) prerequisites with a minimum GPA of 2.5 AND a minimum of "C" in each. The LVN Hybrid Transition track requires seven (7) prerequisites with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the four basic prerequisites (BIOL 2401, 2402, 2420, PSYC 2301) AND a minimum of "C" in each. 

Traditional ADN Program Prerequisites

LVN Hybrid Transition Program Prerequisites

BIOL 2401

BIOL 2401

BIOL 2402

BIOL 2402

PSYC 2301

PSYC 2301

BIOL 2420

BIOL 2420

*PSYC 2314

PSYC 2314

*ENGL 1301

ENGL 1301

*Creative Arts (see p. 109-110 of current catalog)

Creative Arts (see p. 109-110 of current catalog)

 * Required for graduation


  • For complete curriculum please see the college catalog on the website.
  • One or two courses may be "in progress" during the application process but must be completed successfully by the end date of the Panola College semester in which you are applying. 
  • Each lab science course's theory and lab must have been taken in the same semester and at the same school
  • Enrolling in RNSG courses requires acceptance into the ADN program

3. Take the Reading Comprehension, Grammar, and Math sections of the HESI A2 Admission test required by Panola College. You may schedule this test in the Panola College Testing Center ($50 non-refundable fee) during the month of February or September. Call (903) 693-2036 for an appointment. Here is a link to a review for the HESI A2: 

Students may ONLY take the HESI two times so if you wish to repeat the exam, refer to the FAQ page for details

  • The Face-to-face program requires a minimum of 80 on the Reading Comprehension and Math and a 75 on Grammar

4. Call (903) 694-4019 to make an appointment to receive an application to the nursing program: during the month of February for fall face-to-face and LVN hybrid Transition admission, or during the month of September for spring face-to-face admission.  

  • Bring your transcript evaluation and/or Panola College unofficial transcript with you along with your HESI A2 scores. 
  • All students applying to the ADN program will be required, at the time of application, to show proof of EITHER:
    • a positive Hep B antibody titer and dates of three vaccinations  OR
    • proof that you are in process with the series of 3 vaccines as scheduled (#1, #2 one month later, #3 six months after #1). Bring proof of all shots or titers you have received and stay on schedule.
  • All students must be current on Hepatitis B series to accept your position in the ADN program if offered admission. Throughout the program students must stay on time with all immunizations as required.
  • Bring a letter of good standing if you attended another professional nursing school.
  • If you do not have all documentation needed at the time of your appointment, you must reschedule your appointment to another day in the application cycle.

5.  Students will be ranked on the following formula:  (GPA of 4 main prerequisite courses) x (number of 4 main prerequisite courses successfully completed) + (1 point if ADN “core” complete [all 7 academic courses]) + (10% of cumulative HESI A2 score) + (1 bonus point for each lab science course taken only once AND taken at Panola College AND make an A).

Note: A degree plan course with a grade of “D” will not receive a point in the ranking.

  • Students who meet all deadlines for background checks and other requirements will be admitted to the program based on their ranking until a full class is obtained
  • Drug screening will be required of all students admitted to the program
  • Intermediate computer skills and access to a computer with high speed internet are required for LVN Transition students and highly recommended for face-to-face

6. Transfer students from other RN nursing programs should contact the Dean for information

  • RNSG transferred courses must be within the last two years
  • Letter of good standing from previous professional nursing program is required
  • Students with two failures in nursing courses are eligible to apply after three years and earning the LVN or a degree in a related field

LVN Transition 

  • LVN Transition Applicants must provide a current, unencumbered LVN license.

  • Classes are conducted online using Canvas
  • Evening and weekend-based clinicals are determined by the instructor and MAY be held anytime between Friday at 0600 and Sunday at 2330 and Monday through Thursday from 1430 to 2330 within a 70 mile radius of Carthage