Panola College scholarship recipients represent the most promising students attending Panola College, whether through academic excellence, athletics, or performing arts.  Meet just a few of Panola College's scholarship recipients and see how much they appreciate receiving the scholarship funded by your donations.

 Cody Lake 2016-2017 RecipientCody Lake - Carthage, TX

"Your scholarship is very beneficial in my plans. I sincerely appreciate you considering me for this scholarship.Thank you for caring about Panola College and for establishing this endowment."

Cody is a 2016 graduate from Gary High School and is a sophmore at Panola College. He plans to attend Panola College to complete his general studies and then transfer to Stephen F. Austin University to pursue his degree in agricultural science. He hopes to pursue a career in wildlife and timber management after graduation.  


 James Sigler – Center, TXJames Siglar Recipient 2016

 “I am blessed to live in a community where individuals and business care about the youth and make the effort to provide local students with financial help with college.”

James Sigler graduated Center ISD in May 2016. James is a Center native and enjoys hunting, fishing, and working on old cars with his grandfather. He plans on attending Panola College this fall to major in Residential/Commercial Electrical. 

Isaac Shofner

Isaac Shofner – Center, TX

“Thank you for caring about Panola College students and I assure you that I will use your scholarship wisely.”

 Isaac Shofner is a 2016 graduate of Center High School. While still in high school, he had the opportunity to take classes at Panola College, which will allow him to graduate with his Associate of Applied Science in Welding in December 2016. He enjoys the many hours of hands-on welding practice he received in his Panola College courses and is excited to graduate so he can begin contributing to his chosen industry.




Laine Holeman - Garrison, TXLaine Holeman 2016

"This scholarship will be put to good, wise use. Thank you for your contribution to a Panola student and others like myself. Your care is greatly appreciated, and does not go unnoticed."

Laine is a 2016 graduate from Garrison High School and will be joining the Panola College Rodeo team in the fall of 2016. She plans to finish her basic studies at Panola College before continuing on to obtain a degree in agriculture. She hopes to become an agricultural teacher after completing her degree. 




Tanner Matlock 2016

 Tanner Matlock - Garrison, TX

"I can’t thank you enough for this scholarship, and it is an answered prayer. Thank you for caring enough about students to establish this endowment for Panola College."

Tanner graduated from Garrison High School in May 2016. After helping his parents on the family farm for years, his goal is to attend Panola College to obtain is Associate's degree in agriculture. 




Kaycee Richard 2016Kaycee Richards - Grand Lake, LA

"Receiving this scholarship will not only provide me with money to help pay for my schooling, but it will also be a representation of my hard work and dedication that I will be continuing into my college studies.It is such an honor to be a recipient of this scholarship."

Kaycee graduated high school in May 2016. She will be joining the Panola College Rodeo team in the fall of 2016 and will be majoring in agricultural business.

Joshua Oden 2016

Joshua Oden - Henderson, TX

"I was ecstatic and appreciative to learn that I was chosen to receive this great scholarship.Your generosity has inspired me to work that much harder to achieve my goals so that I may help others, just as you have helped me."

Joshua is currently a sophomore at Panola College. He was recently admitted into the Associate Degree Nursing program at Panola College and will start the program in August 2016. Joshua plans to begin work as a Registered Nurse immediately after graduation, but will continue his education to pursue a bachelor's degree.

Devon Nitzschke - Houston,Devon Nitzschke 2016 Recipient TX

"I greatly appreciate [this scholarship] so that I can start my education."

Devon graduated from Carthage High School in May 2016. He plans to attend Panola College in the fall and begin his education towards a degree in the medical field. Devon intends to focus specifically on a career in kinesiology for sports medicine.  




Michaela QuinnMichaela Quinn - Jefferson, TX

"My lifelong dream of receiving my degree is moving forward, thanks to generous educational scholarships like yours. I hope to become the individual that makes Panola College proud. With the values it stands for, and by which it has created its highly regarded reputation. "

Michaela will graduate with her Associate's degree in general business from Panola College this fall. Afterwards she hopes to continue her education at Panola College by attending the nursing program.

Shana Smith - Logansport, LAShana Smith

"It is an honor to be a student of such a student oriented college and receiving this scholarship makes it that much better. I am very excited for my future as a Panola Pony and I know this scholarship will greatly help me."

Shana graduated from high school in May 2016. She is excited to become a member of the Panola College Rodeo team starting in the fall of 2016. She will be studying Petroleum Technology while attending Panola College and will be working to earn her Associate's Degree.   


Shelby Rushing 2016Shelby Rushing - Marshall, TX

"This scholarship is such a blessing for me to receive. It means so much that you give back to the community."

Shelby graduated from Hallsville High School in May of 2012. She is currently enrolled in the Panola College Associate's degree nursing program and working towards becoming a Registered Nurse. 





Jessica Russell - Rusk, TXJessica Russell 2016

"I appreciate this scholarship very much and without donors like you I would not be able to pay for school. "

Jessica is a 2013 graduate of Texas A&M University and worked at Rusk State Hospital as a Therapy Tech before applying to Panola College's Occupational Therapy Assistant program. She plans to graduate from Panola College in 2017.




Kerstin GanzemillerKerstin Ganzemiller - West Salem, WI

"I hope to one-day help students just as you have, both as a civil servant and by possibly creating a scholarship for the students of the future."

Kerstin comes to Panola College from West Salem, Wisconsin after graduating high school in May 2016. She plans to complete her general studies at Panola before continuing on to obtain her Bachelor's degree in psychology. Kerstin hopes to have a career in social work after completing her education.