Thank you to all of our donors and supporters!

With the construction of the new Health and Natural Sciences building at Panola College, the Panola College Foundation believed it was important to mark the memorable occasion. The Foundation decided to place a beautiful floating granite fountain on the north side of the Health and Natural Sciences building as a landmark for the College.

The floating granite fountain is a custom designed interactive sculpture that consists of a 5,000 pound 48” granite ball supported by a thin film of water. The granite sphere is engraved with the map of the world and engineered to rotate on the approximate axis of the Earth. As an interactive sculpture, spectators are able to accelerate or change the course of the floating sphere, only to have it return to its natural rotation when left alone.

The fountain is the beginning of a larger project, an Inspiration Garden, which will run the length of the Health and Natural Sciences building. The Inspiration Garden will offer a beautiful oasis for students to relax or study and will incorporate learning opportunities for students enrolled in health-related and science classes.

 Students from Kids’ College summer camp stopped by for a chance to spin the granite sphere.