Faculty/Staff Grants Guidelines and Forms

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Panola College Foundation’s Faculty/Staff Grants provide funding to students, faculty, and staff that support the College’s student success initiatives.

Grants can be used for any project that allows for the pursuit of:

  • high-quality, imaginative, and innovative improvement of student success;
  • professional development opportunities;
  • small program enhancements such as equipment and supply purchases.

Any Panola College full or part-time faculty or staff member may apply.

Grant Amounts

Grant requests over the amount of $15,000 will not be considered. Requests over $10,000 are extremely rare. The average grant request is between $1,000 and $5,000.

Review Process & Selection

Applications submitted by the deadline are reviewed by the Panola College Foundation Grant Committee. All selected applications are submitted for final approval to the Panola College President. Awarded applicants are notified in writing with the status of their funding decision before the fall faculty/staff meeting.  

Application Deadlines

All applications are due by the last business day of April.  Applicants are advised to submit their applications early in the semester, but grants are awarded in August and are eligible to spend beginning September 1st. Returned/unused funds may be reallocated as needed. 

VP and/or Supervisor Approval

Applicants MUST have approval from their supervisor and/or Vice-President before pursuing a Foundation Grant. For projects submitted on behalf of students and/or student organizations, applicants should have prior approval from the Vice President of Student Services. Faculty and staff should discuss their projects with their direct supervisor to obtain their support and to discuss sustainability plans. Applicants must obtain ALL signatures. Applications submitted without signatures are considered incomplete.

Grant Budget Requirements

Applicants should submit a detailed budget itemizing all project costs. Foundation Grants cannot pay salaries, stipends or per diems. Foundation Grants will also not fund equipment/supplies already purchased or projects that are completed and/or fully funded by another source.

Use of Grant Funds

Grant recipients will be allowed to spend funds according to Business Office’s standard purchasing policies using either purchase order(s) or their department procurement card. Recipients must include note of “Foundation Grant” on purchase order(s). All corresponding invoices and copies of PO’s must be provided to the Office of Institutional Advancement. All grant funds must be expended before April 30th of the fiscal year in which they are awarded unless otherwise preapproved by Institutional Advancement Office. Any grant funds not expended by the end of April are forfeited. Grant funds may only be used as specified on grant application no matter the ending cost of the project.   

Final Report Evaluation

Grant recipients will be required to submit a final report evaluation upon the completion of the project, no later than April 30th in the receiving year. The final report will include project outcomes, evaluation and an expense summary. Recipients may also be asked to attend a Foundation meeting to report on their grant project, present at a faculty/staff meeting, or develop a professional development workshop to report on the projects outcome. Recipients that do not submit a final report will not be considered for grants in the following year.


Revised June 2017



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