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Welcome to the Panola College Foundation, where inspiration and resources unite to champion education.


Inspired Passion

In 1982 seven remarkable people foresaw the benefits a Foundation committed to advancing Panola College could bring. Today, the Foundation is led by a volunteer board of business and community leaders whose dedication to education fuels our College initiatives. The Foundation shares with our community an inspired passion to support Panola College in achieving the excellence that makes Panola a great place to learn.

Champions of Education

Whether through donations to our annual fund, the Foundation's endowment fund, or a planned gift to benefit the College in the future, the Panola College Foundation invites you to make an investment in the higher education of tomorrow's leaders. Through the Panola College Foundation you can be a champion of education.

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Annual Reports

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*The fiscal years begins on September 1 and ends on August 31 of each year.