All software purchases must go through Information Technology Services. Due to copyright laws, all software must be paid for before it will be installed. The following procedure is used for purchasing the typical software that is installed on campus machines.

Software Purchasing Procedure:

  1. Obtain approval from your supervisor for the software you need.

  2. Contact Information Technology Services with your request. Include the name of the software and the number of computers it will be installed on.

  3. Information Technology Services will obtain a quote from one of our vendors, prepare a Purchase Requisition, and send you a hardcopy of the quote and the Purchase Requisition. Normally, quotes are good for 30 days. 

  4. Sign the Purchase Requisition "Requested by" field and turn it in to your supervisor.

  5. After going through the approvals process, the Business Office will give Information Technology Services the PO number.

  6. Information Technology Services will order your software from the vendor.

  7. Once Information Technology Services receives the "Proof of Purchase" confirmation email from the vendor, your software will be scheduled for installation. You will be contacted by Information Technology Services for a convenient time to install your software. 

Please feel free to call Information Technology Services to find out the status of your order. 903-693-1170