If you would like to submit purchase orders online, please call (903-693-1171) or email Allen West and he will get you set up.

The Distributed Purchasing System (DPS) is designed to automate the process of originating purchase requisitions electronically, managing them through the approval process, and finally, creating entries into the POISE Fiscal Purchase Order system.

Before you can use DPS, a setup process must be completed. All you have to do is contact Allen and attend a DPS training session. After you contact Allen, the following tasks will be done for you.

  1. Create your DPS account on POISE
  2. Setup the approvals path in POISE  for your purchase orders
  3. Specify the accounts in POISE you are authorized to use
  4. Install Skylite on your office computer so that you can access POISE

After the above has been completed, you will be contacted to schedule a time for your DPS training session. After you complete the training session, you will be able to use DPS to submit purchase orders online.