1. Users will not load unauthorized software on office computers.

  2. Software licenses will be housed in the Information Technology Services department. The library will house the software licenses for the library.

  3. The Information Technology Services department has the authority to request that unauthorized software be removed from a user's computer.

  4. All computer-related purchases must be approved by the Information Technology Services department to insure that products are compatible with the Panola College network and equipment.

  5. New computer purchases:

a)  CIS/OST will order and support their computers.  They will contact Information Technology Services with their order information prior to ordering.  CIS/OST will be flexible in their schedule of purchasing since they have to install when they have down time.  They will work to get the best price each year.

b)  Information Technology Services will order and support the other computers for all sites.  They will inform OST/CIS of the order before it is placed.  They will order needed computers at the beginning of the year at the best price available.

c)  Ordering of any off-brand computers by individuals is discouraged and will be discussed with Information Technology Services before the machine (s) is/are purchased.