College Policy 

Publicity is an essential part of college and community relations. Faculty members and administrators are encouraged to publicize events concerning the institution, its students, and personnel. News releases focusing upon the College administration, faculty members, staff personnel, individual students, clubs and College matters in general shall be channeled through the college public information officer. (Public Information Program GA Local

 Office of Institutional Advancement 

The Office of Institutional Advancement functions as an information clearinghouse to avoid the duplication of materials that are released to the public, to maintain a consistent policy with regard to the standard and quality of publicity, and to ensure contacts with the media are coordinated through a central location and source.  

Media releases about official college news must be approved by the Office of Institutional Advancement. The Director of Institutional Advancement (or a designated representative) is the official spokesperson for the college in dealing with the media, unless otherwise designated by the president. 

Our goal is to increase student enrollment and advance the image of Panola College through internal and external publications, media coverage, and advertising.

 Media Coverage

The Office of Institutional Advancement serves as the first point of contact with the media. There are several resources available to maximize media coverage of campus activities and programs.