Things you will want to consider before producing a publication.

  • What is the message you are trying to communicate? 
  • Who needs the information? 
  • How many will you need? 
  • When will you need them? 
  • Who will pay for it? 
  • How will you distribute your publication? 
  • How will you measure the success of your publication? 
  • What mandatory information will you need to include?

All publications should incorporate the Panola College logo and affirmative action/equal opportunity statement. Depending on the piece, a bulk mailing stamp or special language may be important to your publication. Forms, handbooks, and brochures should also include a revision date.

  • Allow enough time for your project.

Most publications will take six to eight weeks from conception to final delivery; small jobs may take less time and major projects will take longer.   

  • Make an appointment to visit the designer/printer.

These individuals will be juggling many jobs for their clients. Make an appointment so they can give you their full attention.  

  • Define the full scope of work when meeting with the designer/printer.
  • You will need an electronic and a hard copy of your text.
  • Off-campus printers require a purchase order before they will start you job. Start your requisition process early.
  • You will need to be available for proofing throughout the life of your project. Be ready to make timely approval decisions.
  • Carefully check the final copy and design before it goes to print. Changes after that will be expensive and will delay the project.

Student organizations and auxiliary entities are not required to adhere to the Panola College visual identity guidelines.