The media is regularly invited on campus to cover a news story or campus activity. The Office of Institutional Advancement can coordinate these interviews, helping to make the experience smooth and successful for both the College and the media. Please refer all media requests to the Office of Institutional Advancement. 


            Jessica Pace
            Director of Institutional Advancement

All reporters requesting information about the college by telephone, letter, fax, e-mail, or personal visit must begin their inquiry in the Office of Institutional Advancement. Staff members in the Office of Institutional Advancement will refer the reporter to the appropriate college representative. In such cases, the staff member will telephone the designated college representative immediately if a reporter is referred. The reporter’s name, media organization, and as much information as possible, including the nature of the news topic and questions that could be expected, will be provided. If necessary, Institutional Advancement will coordinate a time and place for the reporter to interview the college representative. 

Employee who are contacted by a reporter and have not received a media referral notice from the Office of Institutional Advancement must refer the reporter’s request back to the Office of Institutional Advancement as follows:  

“Have you spoken with our college public information officer about this? Let me connect you to that office. Thank you.” 

Transfer telephone inquiries from reporters to ext. 2029 or 2044. 

If a reporter comes on campus to do a story and has not been cleared by the Office of Institutional Advancement, the reporter shall be directed to one of the following, depending upon campus location: 

Carthage Campus - Office of Institutional Advancement

W. C. Smith Health Science Center - Office of Institutional Advancement, Director, Associate Degree Nursing

Panola College Learning Center (Marshall) - Director, Marshall College Center

Shelby College Center - Director, Shelby College Center

Shelby Regional Training Center - Director, Shelby Regional Training Center         

In these instances, the Center Director shall contact the Office of Institutional Advancement to assist the reporter in gaining clearance.     

In taking messages for someone to call a reporter, ask the specifics of what they want. No one likes to call a reporter when the subject is not known. Email a copy of the message to the Office of Institutional Advancement or call ext. 2029 or 2044.