Why do we need a visual communications guide at Panola College? We need one because everyone who works for Panola College is engaged in presenting and promoting the institution.

Through casual conversations with neighbors and friends, through our written and visual communications, we help to create an impression of Panola College that could enhance or mar our reputation in the community.

Our future prosperity and growth will be determined by the trust and credibility that people place in Panola College. A brand personality that presents Panola College as a cohesive, competent, attentive college in which to learn will help us to recruit prospective students and faculty and to retain the ones we have.

This guide is designed to help you communicate these values to everyone who comes into contact with Panola College. For your convenience, the table of contents lists elements of our overall visual identity, grouped by function. This information should be used in publications or other visual presentations.

Although we have tried to include everything that you would find useful, some visual identity guidelines are still being established.

The best way for us to maintain institutional growth and viability is to create a positive and lasting impression on everyone who comes into contact with Panola College. We appreciate everything you do to help our target audience quickly identify Panola College and respond favorably to our personalized learning opportunities message.