Fundraising Approval and Follow-up Form

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Panola College Fundraising Policies and Procedures

Faculty, staff and administrators at Panola College are encouraged to pursue fundraising activities to support the College. These procedures are intended to provide a controlled approach in soliciting funds or other gifts from the general public.

The Objective of the fundraising procedures are:

  • To ensure that prior approval is obtained for fundraising activities
  • To ensure that the fundraising activity will aid in the accomplishment of the mission of the college and further the strategic initiatives of the College
  • To control duplicate fundraising efforts
  • To control multiple solicitations of gifts from the same donor(s)
  • To identify priorities
  • To ensure proper accounting for all funds and gifts receipts by the college
  • To ensure an effective fundraising plan
  • To ensure compliance with the Internal Revenue Service rules and regulations

The coordinated effort is vital for both the achievement of the College’s fundraising goals and the continuation of favorable donor relations. It is expected that all employees of the College will comply with these procedures.

The following guidelines will provide a coordinated structure by which all solicitation efforts will be appropriately initiated within the college’s high standard of community service and public confidence.

Fundraising Authorization

Prior approval is required for all fundraising activities. The Fundraising Authorization Form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate Vice President for approval. In addition, the Director of Institutional Advancement must approve the activity and the list of external donors to be approached. If solicitation of over $2,500 is being sought approval must be given by the President.

Once the fundraising proposal has been formally approved, any solicitation must conform to the College policies and procedures.

Departmental Responsibilities

The Department hosting a fundraising event is responsible for the following:

  1. Ensure proper prior approval by completing the Fundraising Authorization form and acquiring all appropriate signatures.
  2. Develop a fundraising plan and budget.
  3. Ensure fundraising events have the intent to yield net proceeds to the event
  4. Plan, conduct, and administer the fundraising event.
  5. Ensure compliance for College policies and procedures including the design and operation of effective internal controls, especially over the cash revenue receipt function.
  6. Identify the portion of the revenue that is not potentially tax-deductible gift (i.e., the fair market value of goods and services, the non-gift component of the event admission/registration fee, to be received).
  7. Identify the beneficiary of the gift.
  8. Ensure all individuals having responsibility for the fundraising event are trained on cash handling procedures, if applicable.
  9. On a daily basis, deposit all associated funds at the Cashier’s Office.
  10. Record and maintain a complete listing of all receipts and donors for the fundraising event. The list shall include the legal name(s) of each donor, mailing address, date of receipt, non-gift dollar amount, and, for company donors, then maintain the listing of all recipients.
  11. If the fundraising event includes prizes or awards, then maintain the listing of all recipients.
  12. Provide acknowledgement letters to donors.
  13. Provide a listing of these donors and/or copies of the donor forms to the Office of Institutional Advancement for distribution of donor tax letters when applicable.
  14. Provide the Fundraising Follow-up form and all applicable documents to the Office of Institutional Advancement within 30 days of event. (Institutional Advancement will provide a copy to the Business Office for accounting purposes.)
Business Office Responsibilities

The Business Office will record all gifts and will deposit all funds to assure donors that proper accounting and stewardship procedures are being maintained. All checks are to be made payable to Panola College.

The Business Office is responsible for the following:

  1. Act as a resource to the hosting department relative to College policies, procedures, forms, items and internal controls throughout the course of a fundraising event.
  2. Review Fundraiser Follow-up form and other documentation of the fundraising event and provide any needed changes in order to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

The College may solicit sponsors for an item or for an activity. The following procedures apply to solicitation of sponsors:

Only the sponsor’s name and logo may be shown on any material. The sponsor cannot advertise by showing some type of statement such as “the best printing company in town”.

If the company’s link is placed on the College’s website, the link must be to their home page, not to their sales prices or customer service. On any flyer or brochure that includes their sponsorship notice, only their logo and name should be shown. Any type of advertisement done by the sponsor should be reviewed for unrelated business income.

Sales Tax Collection

One tax-free day per month is allowed by the Texas State Comptroller Office to sell items, such as t-shirt or merchandise, etc, without having to pay tax on the sales. A sale lasting more than 24 consecutive hours is considered a retail operation, and sales taxes must be paid. The one day per month is per organization of the college, including student organizations.

Organizations are not required to collect sales tax on the sale of meals and food products, including candy and soft drinks, as long as the net proceeds got to the organization for its use exclusively.

The sales of amusement services is also exempt from sales tax as long as the proceeds benefit a purely public charity, and not an individual.


An organization may offer any prize except money. Gift cards are acceptable. If the raffle organizers offer a prize which they have purchased the value of the prize may not exceed $50,000. There is no value limit on prizes donated to the organization.

An organization may hold only two raffles per calendar year and only one raffle at a time.

Raffle tickets may not be advertised statewide or through paid advertisements. Each raffle ticket must state: 1) the name of the organization conducting the raffle; 2) the address of the organization or of a named officer of the organization; 3) the ticket price; 4) a general description of each prize having a value of more than $10; and 5) the date on which the raffle prize(s) will be awarded.

An organization that awards raffle prizes of more than $5,000 must withhold 25% from the winnings and report this amount to the IRS.

Revised 7/2016