Design quality and publication consistency have helped Panola College establish an easily recognized brand personality. The congruent use of symbols helps to reinforce this cohesive, competent, attentive image. 



The college logo may be proportionally resized, but it should not be reduced to less than three-quarter inches in height. It is a visual identifier only and should not be used as the main decorative element on a page. 

The logo must not be distorted or altered in any way. Using elements of the logo to create other logomarks is also prohibited. 

Redrawing, tracing, scanning, or using photocopies of the logo results in distortion and loss of detail. Only authorized camera-ready copies or electronic versions of the logo should be used. Click here  to access copies of various College logos.

If a publication is co-produced by Panola College and one or more organizations, those organization's logos may appear with the Panola College logo. However, the Panola College logo must be featured as prominently as the logos of co-sponsors and may not be modified or combined with any other logos. If you have questions about how to use the Panola College logo, please call the Office of Institutional Advancement at 2044. 

Student and auxiliary organizations should contact the Director of Institutional Advancement for assistance and approval in using the Panola College logo on any promotional materials they may wish to publish. 

Please consult the Office of Institutional Advancement for advice on using the logo on commercial products; e.g., banners, folders, wearing apparel, etc. 

College Seal

The College Seal is not a logo and its use is reserved for official College documents and specialty items. Only the Panola College President can authorize its use for any other purpose. Click here to access copies of the College Seal.

Remember that all college publications, which may be seen by members of the public, must include the affirmative action/equal opportunity statement.