To help us establish and maintain a consistent look for all off-campus publications, we have chosen a color palette designed to work with our school colors.

Using these colors in your publications will help your target audience quickly identify your message with Panola College and its brand personality. This will help to give your message stature and credibility.  

There are several ways to describe color when talking to a printer or other vendor; one system that is in wide use in the United States is the Pantone Matching System (PMS). It is the one we use. The numbers below will serve to describe our exact color choices to vendors using a variety of materials and processes to produce your job.

Logo Colors 

It is always acceptable to print the the College logos in black or in these approved colors. Please call the Office of Institutional Advancement at extension 2044 if you have questions.

Process Color Equivalents
College Logo
(used for 4-color printing)

Green - Pantone Plate #350u

C:89 M:43 Y:98 K:50

Gold -Pantone Plate #7503u

C:37 M:40 Y:74 K:8

Grey - Pantone Plate #409u

C:51 M:42 Y:42 K:6


Web-safe Color Equivalents

Hex Number

RGB Numbers

Green - #074724

Gold - #9F8958

Grey - #848484

Green: R-7, G-71, B-36

Gold: R-159, G-137, B-88

Gray: R- 132, G-132, B-132