Before Class Begins

The First Day of Class

Become familiar with your online class(es) and start your coursework the first day. Look through the course material. Introduce yourself to your instructor using a private message or discussion board. Let your instructor answer any questions you have.

During the Semester

Online courses are just as challenging as traditional courses. Don't get caught in the procrastination trap!
  • Always submit your assignments on time.
  • Always ask your instructor if you have any questions.
Plan ahead for tests!
Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.
  • Regularly check your campus email.
  • Distance Learning - If you have trouble accessing your online classes or course work, contact the or
  • Kaycee McKnight, Student Success - Are you having difficulty with your course? She can connect you with a tutor or a counselor.
  • Library - Use your Student ID to access computers and books. The eLearning librarian is
  • Campus Police Department - Reach out to Campus Police if you feel threatened or bullied. (Call 911 for emergencies.)