Rudy Littrell and Duane Brown

Do you remember when friends and neighbors sat on the porch and entertained themselves and each other by playing tunes and singing songs? Do you wish to return to those days when the music was fresh and heartfelt? If so, then make plans to spend an evening with the E-Flat Porch Band at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 28 at the Panola College Q. M. Martin Auditorium. It is sure to boost your spirits and energize the start of your weekend.

Rudy Littrell and Duane Brown’s “porch music” is played on acoustic instruments and pays homage to our varied Texas musical roots. Their style is influenced by country blues, Texas folk music, jazz and swing standards, and Depression Era country songwriters. Guitar playing styles include finger picking and slide guitar. Other instruments include the acoustic bass, Harmonica, cymbal and a drum-like instrument of their own design made out of a wooden soda pop box. This is a small band with a big sound-up to eight instruments will be heard simultaneously, along with harmonizing vocals.

A self-proclaimed “recovering percussionist,” Rudy Littrell has the coordination to play four instruments at once – acoustic bass, harmonica, high hat and a wooden soda pop box.

Duane Brown has been making music since he was a kid – strumming a broom and singing Roger Miller tunes for neighbors. He has since advanced to guitar and harmonica.

“Rudy noticed that every time he hit an E-Flat, the porch would resound to that,” said Brown’s wife and band publicist, Adah Leah Wolf. Thus, the E-Flat Porch Band became the duo’s name.

The E-Flatters present an educational and entertaining introduction to folk music, enabling the audience to understand and appreciate to folk roots of today’s music. Through their original songs, they carry on a tradition of musical creativity at its finest.

Venues they have played include the Texas Metal Arts Festival (Gruene), Tucson (Arizona) Folk Festival, Denton (Texas) Blues Festival, Wildflower Festival (Richardson, Texas), the Texas Arts and Crafts Fair (Kerrville, Texas) the Texas Folklife Festival in San Antonio, the Heritage Festival at Six Flags in Arlington, Texas, Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse (Dallas), and Squatty Pines Storytelling Festival (Tyler).

Sponsored by the B.F. and Mary Payne Fund for the Preservation of Texas Culture, the program is free and no reservations are required. For additional information, please call 903-693-2000.