On Thursday, August 13 Panola College faculty returned to campus excited by a new year and new buildings. The Panola County Chamber of Commerce welcomed faculty and staff with donuts, coffee and their own enthusiasm for the new semester.

After a brief welcome, Mr. Gene Giles, President of First State Bank and Vice Chair of the Panola College Foundation, expressed his gratitude to the faculty and staff for supporting the Foundation throughout the past year.

“It is with the support and generosity of the faculty, staff, and others within the community that the Foundation is able to award scholarships and grants each year to Panola College, said Giles. “It is my pleasure this morning to announce the twelve recipients of Foundation grants totaling more than $30,000.00.”

This year’s grant recipients include: Cristie Ferguson received a $1,680 grant for the library to host a political cartoon exhibit of 36 original sketches.

Laura Wood received $1,021.49 for the Marshall Center to purchase a hover Cam Solo 8 and a document camera for use in online course training.

Darrell Hudson was granted $1,675 for models to be used in the new Microbiology training labs.

Whitney Edens and Reanna Hart were awarded $2,598.70 to purchase CPR training manikins and AED trainers for Workforce and Continuing Education at the Marshall Center.

Kevin Rutherford received a combined total of $3242 to purchase anatomy and physiology models for the new labs in the Health and Natural Sciences building and for the lab at the Marshall Center.

Becky Gullette was granted $2,973.30 for Biology models for the new labs in the Health and Natural Sciences building.

Emily Zabcik obtained $5,000 to purchase a SmartBoard with Math Application to be utlilized by the math department and for faculty professional development.

Natalie Oswalt accepted a grant for $4,600 for two large wig dryers for cosmetology to use on the Carthage campus and at the Shelby College Center.

Ann Boland was awarded $1,420 to take students on museum field trips in the fall and spring semester.

Karen King received a grant for $2,580 for the purchase of a new state-of-the-art box office system to benefit the drama department.

Amanda Stilley-Bickham was granted $4,000 to purchase Livescribe 3 pens for all nursing instructors.

“I would also like to express my gratitude to all those who have shown their support to the Panola College Foundation by participating in the SGA 5K Run, sponsoring or attending the Gatsby Gala, becoming a Sustaining member of the Foundation, becoming part of our Walkway of Honor, or just made a contribution because they appreciate the advantages Panola College brings to our community,” said Jessica Pace, Director of Institutional Advancement.  “It is only through your continued support and generosity that the College continues to grow and it is greatly appreciated.” Information about how to make a gift to Panola College is available online at www.panola.edu/foundation, or by calling 903-693-2029.


Photo (L to R): Ray Schieffer, Gene Giles, Wanda Hanszen, Brenda Giles, Laura Wood, Cristie Ferguson, Darrell Hudson, Emily Zabcik, Whitney Edens, Kevin Rutherford, Ann Boland, Becky Gullette, Natalie Oswalt, Karen King, and Amanda Stilley-Bickham