On Thursday, August 11 Panola College faculty returned to campus excited by a new year and new buildings. The Panola County Chamber of Commerce welcomed faculty and staff with donuts, coffee and their own enthusiasm for the new semester.

After a brief welcome, Mrs. Brenda Giles, 2016-2017 Chair of the Panola College Foundation, mentioned that the first faculty and staff grants were given by the Foundation in 2011. Giles stated that since that time the Foundation has awarded 49 total grants totaling more than $140,000.  

“It is with the support and generosity of the faculty, staff, and others within the community that the Foundation is able to award grants to the faculty and staff each year to Panola College,” said Giles. “It is my pleasure this morning to announce the eleven recipients of Foundation grants totaling more than $35,000.00, the largest in the Foundation’s history.”

This year’s grant recipients include:

  • Jennifer Coon with the business department was awarded $250 to purchase 10 monopoly board games to teach students finance management.
  • Cristie Ferguson with the Library was awarded $650 for the Russell Lee Photograph Exhibit.
  • Bobbie Smith and Paula Fultz in Cosmetology received $4,000 for a student field trip to Armstrong McCall hair show.
  • Corey Johnson and the environmental biology department received $5,658 for Labquest hardware & equipment
  • Emily Zabcik and Jennifer Coon teamed up together to write a grant for the math and business departments to purchase a mobile computer lab, which includes 24 computers & mobile cart in the amount of $14,000.
  • Ann Boland in the art department received $1,500 towards two student field trips to art museums.
  • Karen King and the drama department received $1,688 for an inventory database for costumes, sets, props, scripts, etc.
  • Julie Green with Occupational Therapy Assistant program received $966 towards student field trip to Perot Museum.
  • Reanna Hart received $1,079 equipment for CPR/AED/First Aid courses through the Continuing Education and Workforce Department.
  • Reanna Hart was also awarded $2,347 towards equipment for CNA courses - bed, manikin, stethoscope, & blood pressure cuffs
  • Melissa Walters with the Associate Degree nursing department received $2,992 for medication and blood products for sim lab.

“I would also like to express my gratitude to all those who have shown their support to the Panola College Foundation throughout the last year,” said Jessica Pace, Director of Institutional Advancement at Panola College. It is only through the community’s continued support and generosity that the Foundation continues to provide these grants each year.”

Click here for information about how you can make a gift to the Panola College Foundation.