Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, Texas state law requires the following:

All entering students under 22 years of age must provide documentation of receiving an initial bacterial meningitis vaccination dose or booster within the last 5 years. This includes all new and transfer students, as well as former students who are re-enrolling after a break in enrollment.  Students must show proof of having the vaccination at least 10 days prior to the start of the semester. This requirement does not apply to students enrolled in Fall 2011 if they remain continuously enrolled at Panola College (excluding summer).

What is the deadline for receiving the vaccine?

The vaccination must have been administered within the 5-year period immediately preceding the first semester of enrollment and at least 10 days prior to the start of the semester. Students may not register until documentation of vaccination is on file.

How do I prove I have received the vaccination?

You must provide a copy of your vaccination record to the Admissions/Records Office (do not submit originals). Panola College will not return vaccination records submitted nor provide copies for use at other schools. Records may be mailed, faxed, or delivered in person to the Admissions/Records Office.

  • Mailing Address: Panola College, 1109 West Panola, Carthage TX 75633
  • Fax: (903) 693-2031

An acceptable record of vaccination is one of the following:

  • A vaccination record that includes the signature or stamp of a physician or his/her designee or public health personnel. Must include month, day, and year the vaccination was administered.
  • An official immunization record generated from a state or local health authority.
  • An official record received from school officials, including a record from another state.
  • The vaccination record must show receipt of either the meningococcal polysaccharide vaccine (Menomune or MPSV4) or meningococcal conjugate vaccine (Menactra or Menveo or MCV4).

Are there exemptions from receiving the vaccine?

Yes. Students age 22 and older are exempt. A student is not required to submit evidence of receiving the vaccination against bacterial meningitis if the student, or a parent or guardian of a student, submits to the institution:

  • An affidavit or a certificate signed by a physician who is duly registered and licensed to practice medicine in the United States, in which it is stated that, in the physician's opinion, the vaccination required would be injurious to the health and well-being of the student;
  • A conscientious exemption form from the Texas Department of State Health Services stating that the student declines the vaccination for bacterial meningitis for reasons of conscience, including a religious belief. For information about obtaining this form, call 1-800-252-9152 or go to

Where can I get the shot?

Each county has a public health division that should be able to administer the shot. The vaccine can also be administered by a private physician's office.  Vaccinations may also be available at retail pharmacies such as Walgreens or CVS.

Please make sure to call ahead of time to the location where you wish to receive the vaccine to make sure that:

  • They have the vaccine on hand and
  • You are eligible to receive the vaccine from that particular place
Gregg County Health Dept. Services Building 405 E. Marshall Avenue, Suite 104 Longview, TX 75601 Phone: 903-237-2620 Shot Clinic Hours: 12:30 - 4 p.m. Marahall-Harrison County Health Dept. 1900 South Washington St. Marshall, TX 75670 Phone: 903-938-8330
Texas Dept. of State Health Services - Region 4/5 517 West Front St. Tyler, TX 75702 Phone: 903-595-3585 Rusk County Community Health Clinic 1115 Hwy. 259 South Henderson, TX 75652 Phone: 903-392-8203
Panola County Health Services ETMC--Carthage 409 W. Cottage Road Carthage, TX 75663 Phone: 903-693-3841 Cherokee County Health Department 593 North Main St. Rusk, TX 75785 Phone: 903-683-4688
Texarkana-Bowie County Family Health Center 902 West 12th St. Texarkana, TX 75501 Phone: 903-798-2902 Wood County Health Department P.O. Box 1704 Quitman, TX 75783 Phone: 903-763-5406
Paris-Lamar County Health Department 740 SW 6th St. Paris, TX 75460 Phone: 903-785-4561 Nacogdoches Department of Health 2027 N. Stallings, Suite B Nacogdoches, TX 75961 Phone: 903-596-5423


More information about Bacterial Meningitis

Meningitis is an inflammation of the covering of the brain and spinal cord - also called the meninges. It is important that students consult a physician about the need for the immunization against bacterial meningitis to prevent the disease. More information about the causes, symptoms, types, risks and seriousness as well as ways to prevent meningococcal meningitis are available through the following links:

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