Student Success Fax Number (Admissions/Records, Testing, Disabilities, Recruiting, VA, International Admissions): 903.693.2031

Admissions email:


A student who changes his or her name, residence or mailing address should notify the Admissions/Records Office immediately. Any official communication from the College which is mailed to the name and permanent address on record is considered to have been properly delivered; therefore, the student is responsible for any lack of communication which results in record errors. A Change of Address Form with supporting documentation must be submitted to the Admissions/Records Office for the change to become official.

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The academic year consists of two long semesters, composed of sixteen weeks each. In addition, two summer sessions are offered which are approximately six weeks each in length. Semester starting and ending days are established by following the dates specified by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. 


The courses listed in the Schedule of Classes will be taught as listed provided there are sufficient students enrolled in each section to justify the course offering. The scheduled time, room, and instructor reflect the intentions of the College at the time the schedule is published and are subject to change. Complete course titles, prerequisites, co-requisites, and descriptions are found in the Panola College General Catalog.


Regular registration is scheduled prior to the beginning of classes. The Schedule of Classes and Panola College General Catalog lists dates and times for regular and late registration as well as other registration information. Late registration occurs for a short period of time after classes have begun. The college assesses a late registration fee of $30.00. 


Students enrolled in fewer than 12 semester hours during a fall or spring semester will be classified as part-time students. Individuals enrolled in 12 semester hours or more during a fall or spring semester will be classified as full-time students. A normal student load for course work is five academic or vocational courses totaling from 14 to 17 hours of instruction. To this total, a student may add one hour courses such as a physical activity course. Students wishing to enroll in six academic courses will need to secure written permission of the Vice President of Instruction after providing documentation of past academic success.

Students enrolled in four or more semester hours are considered as full-time during a six week summer session. However, full-time status for financial aid purposes may differ. A normal course load for a six week summer session is six semester hours with the maximum load being seven hours.


Students may change their schedules by dropping and/or adding course sections only during the period designated in the class schedules. A fee of $30.00 will be charged for each schedule change requested.


A freshman in academic studies is a student who has credit for fewer than thirty (30) semester hours. Students with thirty or more semester hours are classified as sophomores.


A student desiring to withdraw from a course must withdraw officially through the Admissions/Records Office by completing a Withdrawal from Class form. Email requests are accepted when received from the students Panola College Email Account.  Before withdrawing from a course, the student should read information concerning SB1231 (Six-Drop Rule) which limits the number of courses some students may drop. Informing an instructor of a desire or intent to withdraw is not sufficient. It is the responsibility of the student to officially withdraw from a course. The last day to withdraw from class with a grade of "W" is announced in the College Calendar published in the Panola College General Catalog and Schedule of Classes.


When a student finds it necessary to leave college before the end of a semester, the student must notify the Admissions/Records Office in person or in writing. Instructions for clearing with the library and other departments will be given at the time of withdrawal. Students who fail to officially withdraw will receive the grade of "F." Ceasing to attend class does not constitute official withdrawal. Refer to the College calendar for the last day for withdrawal.


See Grades & Records section for more information.