Introducing the Dual Credit Early Admission Program

Our Dual Credit Early Admission Program offers an opportunity for high school students to earn credits toward a college degree while completing requirements for high school graduation.

The program is not designed to supplant that of the high school, but is structured to permit selected students to make more constructive use of their time. Admission to the College does not guarantee enrollment in all courses.

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Requirements Checklist

Two weeks prior to being considered for admission, the following items must be on file in the Panola College Admissions/Records Office:

The Two Year Apply Texas Application

Official Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment scores OR proof for determining an exemption.

An official high school transcript showing high school student status. Students enrolled in non-accredited high schools or are schooled in non-traditional settings must provide a notarized record of the school subjects completed (must be consistent with TEA minimum requirements).

Dual Credit Early Admission Form

Bacterial Meningitis vaccination (if enrolling in a class on a Panola College campus)

Requirements for Eligibility

  • Must be classified as a high school student.

  • Provide valid, unexpired ACT, SAT, or TAKS scores and be declared exempt by Panola College, OR

  • Must have taken and passed at least one section of a TSI Placement Test.

  • Career/Technical course placement must meet minimum local placement scores.

  • Must present a properly completed Dual Credit/Early Admission Permission Form each semester.

  • Satisfy the average daily attendance policy of the high school.

  • Be subject to the rules and regulations of the College.

More Resources for the Dual Credit Early Enrollment Program

Escrow Credit

College credit will be transcripted but held in escrow until the student furnishes an official transcript from the high school showing that he/she has graduated.

Institutional Agreement

Panola College claims funding for all high school students earning concurrent (dual) credit based on an agreement between the Commissioners of Education and Higher Education. Upon affixing the required signatures on the Dual Credit/Early Admission Permission Form, the high school establishes a valid agreement with Panola College for the student during the specified semester..

Downloads & Links

The Two Year Apply Texas Application

Official Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment scores OR proof for determining an exemption.

Dual Credit Early Admission Form Get Adobe Reader