Statement of Vision

Panola College is committed to excellence in instructional programs, student services, service to community, and leadership in economic development and cultural enrichment in the region.

Statement of Values

  • Commitment to learning: We believe in the importance of lifelong learning and will teach all students to obtain, to evaluate and to use information.

  • Commitment to citizenship: We are committed to improving the human condition through learning, and we strive to be a model for individuals of the community.

  • Commitment to diversity: We believe the College should provide access to programs and services to a diverse community of men and women of all races, religions, origins, backgrounds, interests, and abilities.

  • Commitment to the concept of global community: We will cultivate in our students an understanding of the people of all cultures of the world.

  • Commitment to fiscal responsibility: We believe in fulfilling the College's mission and its obligations to its students, faculty, staff, and community at-large with policies that ensure fiscal responsibility.

  • Commitment to faculty and staff: We recognize the importance and contribution of all individuals who collectively create a learning environment and believe that all members of the college community should have the opportunity to obtain purposeful, gratifying, and productive lives.

  • Commitment to a quality campus environment: We recognize the importance of providing a work and learning environment which is characterized by integrity, clear communications, open exchange of ideas, involvement in decision making, and respect for all individuals.

Statement of Mission

Panola College is dedicated to providing excellence in education. The range of educational offerings includes university transfer programs, technical and workforce programs, instruction designed to increase academic proficiencies, and continuing education to enrich lives and improve skills.  Our aim is to engage students to achieve success.