QEP Do the MathIn accordance with the SACS-COC reaffirmation process Panola College has established a Quality Enhancement Plan designed to enhance the quality of education experienced by students. Through broad-based involvement, it was determined that the local success rate for students in developmental math courses needed further attention. In response to this, Panola College has prepared a program designed to increase college level preparedness for students in developmental math courses.

This program, called "DO the Math: Developing Opportunities in Math" consists of attaching lab hours to the first two courses in the developmental math sequence: where the lowest level math course is tied to a two-hour lab and the second level math course to a one-hour lab. In those math labs, instructors are charged with supplementing the students' instruction using a wide array of modalities to include computer based instruction, one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring, small group collaboration, peer tutoring, small group instruction, manipulatives, and the like.

Traditional education models still dominate the three-hour lecture, but in the lab section it will be up to the professor to determine the appropriate needs and select an educational intervention to support student learning. In this way, students will get individualized instruction through the support of educational experts. Student success for this program will be measured through pre and post analysis based on student learning objectives as well as through strategic performance measures. This approach will help leaders to determine the effectiveness of the program and make requisite changes, if necessary. Further, the program is designed to increase student learning, success, and retention within the developmental math sequence. This plan went into effect in the Fall semester of 2010 and will continue under the guidance of a Director and a diverse faculty committee.

Contact Information

Janet Healy
QEP Director, Professor, Developmental Studies Chair