PFA will be hosting a financial planning seminar on October 12, 2013 beginning at 1:00 pm in Miller 104. The seminar will be presented by Perry DeLeuw of Primerica. The seminar will focus on investment and planning strategies intended to strengthen the financial well being of families in a world of constant financial pressure. All faculty are invited and welcome to attend.

Panola Faculty Association

The mission of the Panola College Faculty Association is to promote excellence throughout Panola College. To fulfill this mission, the Panola College Faculty Association is committed to but not limited to the following goals:

  • encouraging practices and policies that ensure our faculty is as diverse as the students we serve;

  • educating the public, as well as students, administrators and legislators, about faculty concerns and issues;

  • serving as a coalition and resource base for all individuals and organizations interested in promoting professional quality;

  • working to complement, enhance, and reinvigorate the work that is already being done in creating alliances with other faculty, academic, labor, or social organizations, statewide, or nationally, who share our goals;

  • seeking legislative means to achieve our goals.