Virtual College of Texas and Panola College as a Provider College

Virtual College of TexasThe Virtual College of Texas (VCT) is a collaborative of accredited public Texas community colleges. It functions as a service of the Texas Association of Community Colleges. Through the VCT, students may take courses from colleges anywhere in Texas. Panola College (PC) participates as both a host and a provider college.

The majority of Panola College's involvement in the VCT is in the role of a provider college.

As a provider college PC:

  • Provides instruction for a variety of courses and defines course content and instructional methodologies;
  • Directs all class activities, including assignments and tests, and awards final grades;
  • Establishes the academic calendar for courses it offers through the VCT;
  • Provides online book ordering at the College Store.

Students interested in PC courses through the VCT should contact the VCT coordinator at their own institution for reservation information.

For more information about the Virtual College of Texas and Panola College as aprovider, contact the VCT Coordinator or eLearning Office at your local community college or contact