Panola College Foundation is hosting a Gatsby Gala and it is sure to be the event of the year! The Gatsby Gala will take place at Panola College in the M.P. Baker Library on January 31, 2015. The evening will begin at 6:30 pm with a private tour for the opening of the nationally touring Spirited Prohibition Exhibit in the Allison Gallery. Organized by the National Constitution Center of Philadelphia in partnership with Mid-America Arts Alliance of Kansas City, Spirited: Prohibition in America provides information about the era of Prohibition, when America went “dry.” Materials in the exhibit examine the complex issues that led America to adopt Prohibition through the 18th Amendment to the Constitution in 1919 until its repeal through the 21st Amendment in 1933. Documents in the exhibit explain the amendment process, the changing role of liquor in American culture, Prohibition’s impact on the Roaring ‘20s, the role of women, and the variation in current state liquor laws. (See more about the exhibit at:

After the exhibit tour, guest will be invited to enjoy hors d'oeuvres and 1920's inspired drinks from a faux speakeasy. There will also be a photo booth with props offering guests a fun and exciting way to create and share memories instantly. Once inside the booth, guests see themselves live on the full-sized monitor. After four photos, guests will receive their prints in under twenty seconds. They are professional quality, waterproof prints that look great and last forever. Guests will also be able to receive additional photos after the event if they wish. 

In the Murphy Payne Community room there will be a live jazz band, so guest can dance the Charleston whenever the mood strikes them. A mock casino with professional dealers will also be part of the evening. Guests will receive funny money to play different casino games including craps, roulette, blackjack and poker. At the end of the evening, guests will be able to redeem their funny money for raffle tickets. Raffle tickets can then be used as a chance for any prize of their choosing. Prizes, while not yet determined, could include a gift card to Kiepersol Estates Vinyard & Winery, a Yeti Tundra Cooler, a gift certificate to Wings and Whitetails, a shopping spree at the Galleria Dallas, a gift card to Stillwater Inn in Jefferson, and a VISA gift card.

Tickets are $100 each and must be purchased by January 15th. 


For tickets or more information, please call 903-693-2029. Tickets may also be purchased at KGAS or Beauty Sense by Patricia. 

All proceeds of the Gatsby Gala will be used towards the Floating Granite Fountain campaign.