Belt Bustin’ Chili Brawl

January 30th, 3:30-6PM

in the Panola College Ballroom


Rules and Regulations

  1. There will be two competitive categories: Tastiest      and Spiciest. Contestants may enter both categories if they wish.
  2. There is a $10 dollar entry fee for each      category. This money will be used as the prize for the winners of each      category.
  3. Chili is to be brought ready to eat.
  4. Contestants are responsible for supplying their own      utensils and products relating to their chili submission. Contestants will      also be responsible for regulating the serving temperature of their chili.
  5. SGA will provide spoons and cups for serving samples
  6. Each contestant must cook a minimum of 2 quarts      for the competition.
  7. Each contestant will be assigned a contestant number. This      number will be placed in front of each serving mechanism that the      contestant has entered.
  8. Each contestant is responsible for picking up their      left of chili and containers when the contest is over. Any items left      after the competition will be collected by SGA.


  1. In this competition, the chili will be blind judged.      Judges will score each category on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being the      best. The contestant who has the highest combined score in a particular      category will be declared the winner of that category.
  2. In this contest, teachers, faculty, and staff will      submit their chili samples and students will judge.
  3. When the judging is over, the remaining chili will be      available for free sampling by everyone present.


  1. The winners of the 2 categories will split the entry      fees as the prize. The more contestants that enter, the bigger the prizes      will be.

For additional information please contact Brian Naples at 903-693-2043.