Cast members include: (Front) Kathryn Morton, (Middle) Amy Calhoun, Brian Naples, and (Back) Linda Rivas,
TJ Rushing, CJ Craddock, Kelsey Bass, Trenton Wall, Dylan Deaton, and Mariah Fulbright.

Everybody has relationships. Some of them are good, some are bad, some are great, and some are downright funny. Panola College Theatre is doing an “An Evening of Relationships and Kisses” April 25, 26, and 27. These are a group of short plays about all kinds of relationships. The cast plays a variety of different folks in a variety of situations. Imagine the school nerds mathematically analyzing their first kiss, or the estranged couple out for dinner on their anniversary trying to rekindle romance, or two middleschoolers, or the prom king and queen, and a variety of other situations.

The scenes are relatively short and move quickly from one scene to the next. You’ll laugh often and will not be bored. The evening of theatre will last almost 90 minutes and begins at 7 pm each night. The play will run without intermission.

All this fun is only $5 and is in the Panola College Studio Theatre. As a special treat, two Panola Faculty members, Brian Naples (Professor of Government) and Amy Calhoun (Professor of Chemistry) will be joining us in one of the scenes. The evening promises to be a lot of fun and is the final production of the year. If you need additional information or have questions, please call 903-693-2064.